Question 11: How to book a seat at the event?

So, you've discovered the BIG GAME LAN party and having looked through the previous event pictures, seen the prizes, read the feedback and seen what an awesome time you'll have, you've decided to take the plunge and attend an event and you want to book a seat(s) to call your own for the event!

Step 1: Locate the event you want to come to, typically under "The Event / Sign up!" Menu option.

Step 2: You'll need an account, so, if you havn't signed up before you'll need to do that via the "create an account" option, if you've already got an account simply sign in using your existing details. 

Step 3: Select the number of gamers that want to attend from your party (1-100) and press the sign up button!

Step 4: It'll then load into the seat selector page, allowing you to select the exact seats you want at the event ('Red' seat areas mean that seat is already booked, if you scroll over them it'll tell you who is sat there, 'Yellow' means they are provisionally booked) :)

Step 5: Once you've selected your seat (or seats if your booking for multiple gamers), simply fill in the details required by the booking form, such as your name, gamertag, email address (ensure these details are correct your ticket will be emailed to you) then Click the "Confirm Reservation" button.

Step 6: That'll reserve the seats you selected for 2 hours, pending payment. To make payment simply click the "Pay with Paypal" button on the booking confirmation page and proceed via the paypal checkout, if no payment is received within 2 hours your reservation will automatically cancel and the seats your choose will become available once again.

Or checkout the how to book video (on Youtube!).

 Should you have any additional questions regarding the booking process please contact the crew  :)

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