Puttything loves cake!


tBG Head Honcho, BOFH and our fearless leader

Name: James Yale

Likes: Cake

James is the founder of this band of merry men and our supreme master and commander!

A penchant for gathering people in a dark room, getting no sleep and staring intently into other worlds for hours at a time guided putty though his early career, however when the playboy-mystic lifestyle didn’t work out putty fell back to the next best thing he knew, running LAN parties. 


Gamesmaster and Event Warlord

Name: James Taylor

Most likely to say: Get in the damn server!

Jynx has been gaming since the early 90's cutting his teeth on such classics as RAC Lombard Rally, Crystal Caves and Championship Manager. Easily the best gamer in his house, and potentially other houses, he is dynamo of raw gaming talent. As well as being better than some people at gaming he also has other unique skills, unfortunately there are too many to list here. He is a keen chicken fancier and some believe that his regular intake of fresh eggs is a key factor in his amazing K/D spreads and vast number of MVP awards.


Marketing & Event Ninja

Name: Graham King

Born at a very young age and introduced to gaming even before that, Blackstar has always nurtured a love for gaming.  From Zool, Twin Worlds & Mad Professor Moriarty on the family Archimedes to Batman Arkham Origins, Halo 4 & GTA 5, via Quake, Counter-Strike, Command & Conquer and many others his journey has been long and varied, but worth every click, every enemy blown away, every virtual battlefield conquered!


tBG Webmonkey and Intranet Orangutan

Name: David Gray

Malevolent dictator of the BIG GAME intranet, Dave’s coding genius is the thing that gets a LAN’s worth of pizzas to the right people in time. Head hunted by Dominos for super sekret project in the early eighties some believe Dave may have been involved in inception of online pizza order systems.


Event Sound and Vision

Name: Adam Cathersides


Event Streaming Tsar

Name: Andrew Leach

Ex winner of the BIG GAMER title Luaduck has now reached the lofty heights of BIG GAME streaming overseer. You'll find him directing the event video output to our twitch channel as well as directing the in-game camera cinematics providing viewers at the event and on those watching online the best angles and replays from the live games as they are being played at the event along with feeds from event cameras around the venue. 


Graphic Designer, Marketing Executive and Event Photographer

Name: Geoffrey Yale

Most likely to say: "And my axe!"

Geoff designs the lovely BIG GAME tickets (and after 33 events has finally worked out how large to make the barcodes) as well as all the artwork and graphics for the event and website. He's also the one responsible for spamming you every few months reminding you another BIG GAME is close and also for taking photos during the events. His specialisms include survival, endurance and talking to sponsors to organise the prizes on offer at the event. If you want to know what aperture is, how to eviscerate a goat or just need help with your PC - Maveric is up most hours to help. 

Captain Feckin' P

Event Support

Name: Tim Day

Favourite Game: Left for Dead


Event (K)nights Watchman

Name: Jon Yale

Most likely to say: "Where's my Redbull?"

Jon puts his ability to pull an all nighter to good use at the BIG GAME, where he is the appointed head (K)nights watchman. Up and available during the night and into the morning, Grogey will attend to any issues the the attendees might encounter, be it a zombie horde, alien invasion or simply if you need the directions to the toilet!!

Favourite Food: Can Redbull be classed as food?


Event Samurai

Name: Chris Daish

Hailing from down under RiPPeR gave up a promising modelling career to follow his true passion, LAN gaming events. A long term member of the crew RiPPeR has been there since the BIG GAME happened in the top of a garage rocking a shared 33.6 modem. Chris now takes charge of making the event a comfortable place to be as well as troubleshooting any potential lanning issues.

Once a keen Quake III player, Chris now enjoys a wide variety of casual games with a focus on enjoyment rather than competition (eg, losing). 

We need you!

BIG GAME Crew members are responsible for THE most vital parts of the whole LAN party experience from meeting and welcoming all the gamers to the event, setting up services and servers for the LAN party, infrastructure and event management, generally making sure everything runs smoothly and on time. Each plays as important role as the other in supporting the event and helping hundreds of gamers every year with any queries they might have and ensuring each has an awesome time.

If your interested in joining the BIG GAME crew and helping out at the events in an official capacity be sure to contact us and tell us why you're the right for tBG and what you'd contribute to the event. 

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