Four years holed up in the BIG GAME bunker, with no contact with the outside world since the infection-preventing firewalls were disabled only long enough for the BIG GAME WAN, the Crew have emerged blinking back into the post-apocalyptic landscape to start to rebuild society. 

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After almost 20 years of gaming history at Wildern School, the BIG GAME is looking for a new location.

Somewhere NEW, where we can continue the event and grow our fantastic and friendly gaming community even bigger, all whilst still delivering diverse tournaments and astonishing prizes, all built around a fantastically friendly atmosphere and environment for all ages to enjoy.

If you've got any suggestions, be sure to drop them into our Discord or get in via our contact us page!


...the BIG GAME will return.

Hi everyone, Despite our best efforts, unfortunately, there won't be a BIG GAME this year (2022), this is due to an array of venue restrictions and date availability, so we just cant make it happen this year.

However, we, the crew, are working super hard alongside the venue to ensure tBG will return in 2023! We can't wait to be gaming with you all again soon.

We'll be sure to be back bigger and better than ever before!

Many thanks to all those gamers that attended our first tBG WAN party. We had an absolutely blast gaming with you all, putting the whole event on in general and hope you did too. 

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