Really looking forward to seeing everyone online tonight for tBG WAN.  We’ll be organising everything via our Discord and the crew will be broadcasting the intro, pub quiz and various updates throughout the event, as well as all the awesome gaming action, on our Twitch channel.  Make sure you’re watching throughout the event! 

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Good news everybody, something has happened which meant the crew have had a LOT of time on their hands and (despite their pressing once-a-day exercise regimen) have managed to crank the BIG GAME ticket event'o'nator back into life. 

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It is with sadness that we must announce the BIG GAME 52 (tBG52), scheduled for 29th - 31st May 2020, is being cancelled due to the latest UK government advice and the extraordinary conditions we now all face. Whilst we enjoy a battle royale, none of us wanted to bring that style of gameplay to our weekly shopping trips!

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After the biggest BIG GAME EVER, tBG51, and following months of careful planning and preparation, we're delighted to launch the bookings for tBG52 tickets, so assemble your clan or come along as a 'merc for hire' and let's make tBG52 even bigger and better than ever!

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We cant wait to see you in May (29th - 31st) for another weekend of awesome LAN party antics and gaming, the BIG GAMER tournament, Pub Quiz, Pizza and Prizes!

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