tBG Head Honcho, BOFH and our fearless leader

Name: James Yale

Likes: Cake

James is the founder of this band of merry men and our supreme master and commander!

A penchant for gathering people in a dark room, getting no sleep and staring intently into other worlds for hours at a time guided putty though his early career, however when the playboy-mystic lifestyle didn’t work out putty fell back to the next best thing he knew, running LAN parties. 

From LANing over 9600 baud infrared, upgrading to 10Base-2 coaxial cable and IPX for Quake and briefly seeing rainbow unicorns the first time he experienced 10Base-T on a 10 megabit 3Com hub putty has serious credentials when it comes to pulling together networks and has been known to fix broken IP stacks with his AoE. 

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if it’s of interest to him; putty will happily refer you to someone else.


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