Gamesmaster and Event Warlord

Name: James Taylor

Most likely to say: Get in the damn server!

Jynx has been gaming since the early 90's cutting his teeth on such classics as RAC Lombard Rally, Crystal Caves and Championship Manager. Easily the best gamer in his house, and potentially other houses, he is dynamo of raw gaming talent. As well as being better than some people at gaming he also has other unique skills, unfortunately there are too many to list here. He is a keen chicken fancier and some believe that his regular intake of fresh eggs is a key factor in his amazing K/D spreads and vast number of MVP awards.

When he is not gaming Jynx is also known for his popularity with the ladies, one woman who cannot be named as she asked to remain anonymous said - "He is very handsome and generous. He is the best son a mother could have!" - Mrs Taylor.

Jynx is also the newest member of the Crew having only been involved in running the event for 10 years. He runs the BIG GAMER tournament which always goes without a hitch, except on the occasions when it doesn't. If putty_thing is the 'Brain' of tBG then Jynx is most definitely the 'Pinky', enthusiastic, misguided and dependable in a crisis.

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