tBG Webmonkey and Intranet Orangutan

Name: David Gray

Malevolent dictator of the BIG GAME intranet, Dave’s coding genius is the thing that gets a LAN’s worth of pizzas to the right people in time. Head hunted by Dominos for super sekret project in the early eighties some believe Dave may have been involved in inception of online pizza order systems.

A misspent youth playing Everquest, Total Annihilation and winning UT’s Clanbase Ladder lead to a misspent teens hooked on World of Warcraft, downing bosses before they got nerfed. Constant outages pushed him to experiment with substances to cope with the downtime, but we’re happy to report that with intensive rehabilitation he was able to shake off his Jaffa Cake and Red Bull™ addiction. He now spends his time repenting and adding awesome new features to the clicky game on the BIG GAME’s Intranet.

Dave’s gaming pedigree started on the original pong machine, moving onto a BBC micro, spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga 1200, NES, Master system, SNES, Mega Drive and then finally he found the light with a PC. The rest is history (hail the master PC race!)

When not creating awesome pizza order systems and playing too much Sim City/XCOM or some obscure JRPG - Dave likes to spend excessive amounts of time watching YouTube and hoping his backed Kickstarter projects don’t turn out to suck.

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