Question 2. the BIG GAMER Tournament, what is it?

The BIG GAMER tournament is a multi-discipline tournament in which attendees can participate in a event long league, scoring points in organised mini-tournaments. BIG GAMEs and other activities throughout the weekend will culminate in a showdown for the top scoring players in a mystery finale on the BIG screen at the front, with everyone else watching on. The diversity of the tournament means that all round gaming prowess and enthusiasm are rewarded, rather than concentrating on success in one game or genre, allowing for chilled out and fun gaming over the weekend. 

Tournament games include:
3v3 Quake 3 Arena,
5v5 Counter-Strike Global Offensive (replacing COD:MW from previous events),
5v5 DOTA 2 (replacing DOW2 from previous events) 
1v1 Hearthstone
and of course Trackmania! 

While you don't have to take part in every (or any!) mini tournament event, for your best chance of making it to the finale, claiming the title and getting your hands on the prizes we would recommend it! If you need more players for your team, a quick post up on the shoutbox (BIG GAME Intranet) asking for a merc is all thats needed to fill your squad with gaming l33t’ness!

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