Question 3. What do I need to bring?

Bringing the right kit with you to a LAN Party is essential. Apart from the basic:
1) Your PC.
2) Your Monitor. (only one please!)
3) Mouse.
4) Mouse Mat.
5) Keyboard.
6) Headphones.
7) Any special power adapters (for laptops, wireless headsets etc).

You should also consider hydration, food and sleeping gear, so you should also bring:
8) Pillow.
9) Sleeping Bag.
10) Air Bed/Bed Roll (no doubles please, they take up far to much room).
11) Eating and Drinking utensils (Fork, Knife, Spoon and cup).
12) Tooth Brush and tooth paste.
13) Deodorant and Wash Kit (We have showers available onsite).

Food, although its tempting to just eat Haribo, pizza, subway and drink cola for 3 days! It probably isn't going to have you feeling your best by come Sunday (or even saturday!) so we recommend a balanced diet including fruit, water (all the boring (but good) stuff! - trust us! You'll feel alot better for it!). We have several huge fridges available for the event for you to store all your warez to keep them chilled! As well as a well stocked tuck shop giving you an easy quick pick-me-up between games!

Medical requirements, if you suffer from any medical conditions and have any special requirements please contact a member of the crew.

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