Counter-Strike returns to the BIG GAME!

by tBG crew

After an almost 8 years absence, Counter-strike (Global Offensive) will once again be part of the BIG GAMER tournament (replacing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) as the 5v5 First Person Shooter tournament game of choice!. 

The league format (as opposed to knockout) will see each 5 player team play every other team in the tournament with the top scoring teams earning the most points towards their BIG GAME Tournament points tally, but no matter where you come you'll get points (even if its a 30-0 whitewash!) going towards your BIG GAME tally and the mystery finale for your chance to win the title of BIG GAMER 37 and the awesomely assembled prize bundle from I-rocks!   

 Sign ups for this tournament along with all other tournament games at the BIG GAME 37 will be launched nearer the event :)

So dont miss out, sign up for tBG37 today! :D

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