tBG37 dates announced!

That's right people, get those holiday forms in for the 8th-10th of August 2014! Because the BIG GAME is back in town (if your town is Southampton!)! tBG37 kicks off on the 8-10th of August. We've even increased the capacity of the event upto 96 gamers for more awesome gaming and LAN party antics plus great prizes and much more. So if sounds like your kind of thing! Sign up today and book your seat.

the BIG GAME will once again be hosting its renownly awesome BIG GAME tourney, its multi-discipline nature makes sure that all round gaming prowess is rewarded as well as taking part in some games that you might of over looked previously, the tournament is geared towards ensuring everyone has an awesome time. With the top scoring players from the BIG GAMER tournament facing off in the mystery finale at the front gaming arena with everyone else watching on (pressure much!!) to claim the title of BIG GAMER 37, take home to much sort after Golden Joystick and the prize awesome haul ( to be announced shortly!) and all the low cost of £30 for the whole weekend (or £25 if you book before the end of May!), 5 gamer group discounts are still available also saving you 20%, simply use the coupon code "Multipass".

If you've got any questions checkout the Frequently asked questions section, The BIG GAMER Tournament guide or want to find out more info about the event and location checkout there respective articles or if you cant find the info you want ping the crew an email :)

Tournament games include:
5v5 DOTA2
5v5 CS:GO
3v3 Q3 Arena
and of course Trackmania Nations!

But with plenty of BIG GAMEs including Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 4, Tribes Ascend, UT2K4, War Thunder and much more played over the weekend including the Pub quiz!

Sign up here!

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