the BIG GAME is expanding!

As announced last event, and by popular demand the next BIG GAME is an expanded event where we'll finally, with your support, hit the magic 100 gamers in a room.

However this is just the start, we are working on bigger expansion plans for our events in 2019. The growth doesn't come without some compromises though, so we're also announcing a new payment scheme for the event. At the BIG GAME we're happy to roll with the times, and know that rather than paying for a single event ticket, as you might have when dinosaurs roamed the earth, our discerning customers want MORE flexibility about how they LAN. 

We're bringing that to you today. The next BIG GAME event is free to enter, and you just pay for what you use. Need a network connection? That's just £5 per megabit! Power? Get a 24-hour pack for £7.50. As usual, we're running all weekend so if you want to keep playing past Friday, just add the rest of weekend DLC for £25 (includes BIG GAMER tourney entry!!). 

Of course, we're joking. We're not about microtransactions at the BIG GAME* BUT from next event, the event ticket price has increased by £7.50 to cover our expansion plans, so a BYOC ticket will now cost £37.50 per event, multipass discount still applies. This includes everything you need to LAN, and zero loot crates. Signups go live Sunday at 18:00 - register here

* apart from cases badges, BUY THE BADGES!

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