tBG WAN - Timetable

Really looking forward to seeing everyone online tonight for tBG WAN.  We’ll be organising everything via our Discord and the crew will be broadcasting the intro, pub quiz and various updates throughout the event, as well as all the awesome gaming action, on our Twitch channel.  Make sure you’re watching throughout the event! 

To help you plan your evening and organise your teams, here’s the time table for tonight.

  • 18:00 Intro
  • 18:15 TrackMania*
  • 19:30 Pub Quiz* (good time for pizza 😜)
  • 20:30 Pub Quiz answers*
  • 21:00 Q3A - 3v3*
  • 22:45 WAN Wide Final Showdown & Outro
  • 23:30 Post WAN Social
  • 23:50 Team Fortress 2 BIG GAME

* 15-minute break after this event so you can refuel and power up!  

For more information see the pinned post on Discord.

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