The tickets for tBG44 are selling fast with only 21 tickets left for the event in June! If you fancy taking part in the finest lan party gaming and win some  available be sure to sign up :)

The dust hasn't even settled from tBG43 and the tickets for tBG44 are already available! Join us this 02-04 June for some amazing LAN party gaming, fantastic prizes (thanks to our sponsors Novatech) and atmosphere like no other LAN party!

Sign up here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Many thanks to all those gamers that came to tBG43 - we hope you had an awesome time.

Special congratulations to the NEW BIG GAMER "Leatthen" - who proved himself mighty over the cause of the weekend and ultimately in the BIG GAMER Finale proving himself most worth and taking home the amazing prize bundle supplied by the awesome folks at Novatech!

We'd love to hear your thought of the weekend, be sure to follow this link (on Facebook) and let us know your thoughts!

We look forward to seeing you at tBG44 (in June!)


 - tBG Cr3w

The doors of tBG43 swung open today @ 18:00 - kicking off the event for another sellout weekend of gaming excellence!!


If you're not at the event - Be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest goings on at tBG43 via Twitch!

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