Forgot which seat you booked for tBG42?! Well worry no more, here you can a complete list of all those gamers attending tBG42!

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The BIG GAME is proud to announce that ViewSonic, an industry leader in high-performance LED monitor technologies, will be sponsoring tBG42. They are contributing an awesome prize to the overall winner (BIG GAMER) prize bundle, as well as loaning out over 50 VX2475-MHD and XG2401 monitors to gamers at the next BIG GAME to try over the weekend.

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Many thanks to all those gamers that have signed up for tBG42 in October. We are super excited to report the October event has completely SOLD OUT, so another MAX capacity event at the BIG GAME!

We look forward to welcoming all gamers, new and old, to tBG42 in October!

More exciting news to follow!..

tBG42, is set to take place on the 28th October - 30th of October 2016. Sign up to be part of our awesome LAN party that is the BIG GAME! A weekend full of gaming, tournaments, prizes and antics the BIG GAME is known for!

We look forward to seeing you there this October!

- tBG Crew!

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