In only a matter of days since the launch of tBG45, there are just 2 tickets left for the BIG GAME this October! If you're on the fence about coming to the event, you had better be quick before all the tickets are done!

There are just 8 seats left for tBG45 this October! That's right, in what must be the hottest ticket this Autumn, just 8 seats remain! So don't delay and join us for some epic LAN party gaming action this October - Sign up here!

Tickets for tBG45 dates are confirmed for 27-29 October, tickets will go on sale from Friday, 4th of August, at 18:00. So that will hopefully give you gamers enough time to organise your groups to ensure you can sign up and sit together :)

We look forward to seeing you at tBG45!

That's right - if you missing tBG44, you missed out! There was a staggering amount of top-tier tech up for grabs in the BIG GAMER tourney at tBG44 thanks to the amazing folks over at Novatech and their industry partners (bequiet, Crucial, Corsair, ASUS and Hyper X). Each contributed a HUGE haul of prizes, allowing us to divide them up into some amazing prize bundles for the event BIG GAMER finalists.

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